Topical skin adhesive

Tissue adhesive for the surgical incisions and lacerations closure


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BlauGlue® Liquid Skin Adhesive is a medical device intended for topical use to close skin wounds. It is a fast-polymerizing, non-cytotoxic liquid based on methyl methacrylate monomer.

BlauGlue® is applied to the skin as a viscous liquid that polymerizes to bind the approximated wound edges in minutes. In vitro studies have shown that BlauGlue® acts as a bacterial barrier as long as the adhesive film remains intact.

Indications for use

BlauGlue® Topical Skin Adhesive is designed for topical use only, to hold together the skin edges of incisions and lacerations that are under minimal tension and easily approximated. Where significant tension exists on incisions or lacerations, BlauGlue® topical skin adhesive should be used in conjunction with deep dermal stitches.


1. The wound site must be thoroughly cleansed before using BlauGlue®  Topical skin adhesive. Standard surgical practices for wound preparation before product application, including cleaning, irrigation, debridement, and achieving hemostasis, should be used. There should be low tension at the wound edges. Additional support to the wound can be provided by using deep dermal sutures.

2. Dry the wound area with a sterile gauze. Moisture can accelerate the polymerization of BlauGlue® topical skin adhesive and may affect wound closure results.

3. To prevent inadvertent flow of liquid BlauGlue®  Topical skin adhesive. to undesired areas of the body, the patient's wound area should be kept in a horizontal position, and the adhesive should be applied from above the wound.

4. BlauGlue®  Topical skin adhesive. should be used immediately after crushing the inner blister because the adhesive will polymerize in the applicator, rendering the device useless.

5. Remove the applicator from the aluminum pouch.

6. Hold the applicator away from the user and patient to avoid inadvertent contact of the adhesive with the user or patient.

7. Hold the applicator with the tip facing upward.

8. Apply pressure to the applicator to break the inner blister.

9. Invert and gently squeeze the applicator to extract the liquid adhesive.

10. If necessary, approximate the wound edges using sterile gloves or forceps.

11. Slowly apply the BlauGlue®  Topical skin adhesive.iquid in a thin, continuous layer to the surface of the approximated wound edges with a gentle brushing motion.

12. The adhesive should cover a target area of approximately 0.5 cm on each side of the wound.

13. Manual tissue approximation should be maintained for two minutes, especially if the wound appears to be under tension. The adhesive may remain "sticky" for up to four minutes.

14. Complete polymerization is expected when the BlauGlue® topical skin adhesive layer is no longer sticky.

15. Do not apply liquid or ointment medications to wounds closed with BlauGlue® topical skin adhesive. These substances can weaken the polymerized film, leading to wound edge separation and/or dehiscence.

16.    Dry protective dressings, such as gauze, can only be applied after the adhesive film is completely polymerized and is not tacky to the touch.

17.    If a dressing or bandage is applied before polymerization is complete, the dressing or bandage may adhere to the film. Then, the film may detach from the skin when the dressing is removed, possibly causing wound dehiscence.


The adhesive will naturally disappear from the skin in about 3 days and does not need to be removed.

Excess BlauGlue®  Topical skin adhesive.can be removed before it dries with a clean cloth. Once dry, unwanted BlauGlue® can be softened with petroleum jelly and removed..

BlauGlue® is biotechnologically innovative

Practical applicator

Practical applicator

Clean and dry the skin thoroughly before applying. Ensure all traces of moisturizers, lotions, lotion soaps or lanolin are removed from the application site.

Quick drying

Quick drying in minutes

Excess can be removed before it dries by wiping with a clean tissue. Once dry, it can be softened with petroleum jelly and removed.


Transparent and patient-friendly

Clean and dry the skin thoroughly before applying. Ensure all traces of moisturizers, lotions, lotion soaps or lanolin are removed from the application site.

Adheres to the skin

Adheres to the skin

It is applied as a liquid and dries within minutes, adhering to the contours of the skin to form a transparent flexible film.

Not requires removal

Disappears naturally

The film will wear off the skin naturally within approximately 3 days and does not require removal.

Protect skin to protect life