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GMP Manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical, health and veterinary industries

Topical Skin Adhesives

Alternative to surgical sutures and staples

Biocompatible topical skin adhesives for the topical approximation of surgical incisions and lacerations. Combining the methylidene malonate polymer technology with an ergonomic delivery device affords a set of differentiating benefits

Protectant for damaged skin and skin tears

Alternative to wound dressings

SBM protectant products provide protection for at-risk skin, damaged skin, and skin tears of the elderly. The protectant skin products act as breathable barrier films.

Liquid Bandages for veterinary applications

Alternative to surgical sutures and wound protectant

Unique biocompatible instant adhesive for the topical approximation of surgical incisions and wound healing acting as a breathable barrier in animals.

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Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO)

Synkotech Biocompatible Materials is expert in providing development services including analytical development, synthesis and product development for the pharmaceutical, health and veterinary industries.

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Mechanical and Physical Properties Testing and Chemical Characterization

SBM is expert in the chemical characterization of both chemical products and impurities and in the characterization of the physical and mechanical properties of polymers, especially biomaterials.


ISO Implementation, Consulting and Regulatory Institutions

SBM offers specilised consulting services for the implementation and follow-up for ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO166002 and ISO14001 and Medical Device Manufacturing License from AEMPS.

About us

Simplifying the protocols for suturing and healing wounds with the aim of democratising healthcare system."

To be the pioneer in the development and market launch of class III biomedical devices for internal sutures and repairs with biocompatible and biodegradable instant adhesives.

Our Clients

The main strength and core of Synkotech Biocompatible Materials are our clients.

Our Team

The main strength and core of Synkotech Biocompatible Materials is our team. Our focus is on attracting new talented team members to expand the field of expertise of the company to create unique synergies and retain our key team members with more than 15 years in the sector. Our team is specialised in the field of chemisryt, chemical engineering, biomedicine, and regulatory affairs.

R&D Projects funded by Government bodies

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The project “SBM: ADHESIVOS BIOCOMPATIBLES Y DISPOSITIVOS MÉDICOS”, was funded in the 2017 call of the NEOTEC program of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) with file number SNEO-20171276 and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

The project “Investigation of nanoparticles functionalized with a biodegradable polymer for use in nanomedicine”, was funded in the 2018 call of the Torres Quevedo program with file number PTQ2018-009872 and supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The projects “Diseño de un sistema de destilación en flujo de un monomer “vinílico instantáneamente polymerizable” and “Recerca de l’as d’adhesius biocompatibles ibiodegradables per sutures internes” , were funded in the 2020 call of the Nuclis Internacional and Innotec programs with files numbers ACE013/20/000007 and ACE014/20/000059 respectively and supported by ACCIÓ from the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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